Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

What Happens To The Abs After C Section Surgery?


The damage and injury caused to the abs after c section surgery isn’t as bad as most people think because the incision used during a c section doesn’t normally cut through the muscles, only the sheath covering the muscles (the aponeurosis) is affected, then the two sides of the muscles are pulled apart.


After the baby has been taken out, the sheath is repaired, muscles realigned and the skin stitched. From this point onwards the recovery of the abdominals is exactly the same as for a vaginal birth. 


Within a few days the muscles will start to realign or pull back together, it is during this time that pelvic tilting exercises should be performed which will help to further tighten and strengthen the muscles. 


Within about six weeks the stomach muscles should have fully recovered although this may take considerably longer if they were either very weak before or the pelvic tilting exercises have not been done regularly. 


Pelvic tilting exercises are gentle movements which can be done seated, standing and lying, they don’t require a lot of effort, but can make a huge difference in both the speed of recovery, but also the tightness of the stomach afterwards. 


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you do sit ups or curl ups until the muscles have realigned and become stronger. 


Doing this could lead to potential doming of the stomach as the gap between the muscles may be forced apart, possibly stretching the muscles wider, leading to long term damage and a rounded tummy which has very little or no chance of ever being flat again


The essential factor in working your stomach muscles is to always tilt the pelvis backwards and pull the muscles in tightly throughout the entire exercise. 


Many women experience a tingling and numbness around the scar area. This loss of sensation usually affects the skin only. Over time full feeling should return to the area. 




Pelvic tilting exercises are not the same as pelvic floor exercises, but can be performed at the same time with a little practice. 


‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’ is a comprehensive guide designed for women who have just had a c section which teaches essential pelvic tilting exercises that are safe and effective for assisting recovery of the abs after c section. Click here to find out more - exercising after a caesarean.