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How To Avoid The Most Common C-Section Complications


If you have given birth by a cesarean, the chances are that you will end up suffering from any number of c-section complications, but there are many ways of avoiding the most common of these.  


Be vigilant after the operation, monitor your wound carefully. There are some warning signs you should be aware of that could indicate a problem. If you experience any of the following c-section complications, be sure to contact your doctor or midwife immediately:-  


·         If you have a fever – It is sometimes normal to have a slightly higher temperature than normal, but if you are monitoring it yourself, most doctors would want you to seek medical advice if it was higher than 101f.  If you have a less intense fever for longer than 24 hours you should also contact your doctor. 


·         If your incision is draining it should be looked at, whilst it may be usual to lose a little discharge it is probably best to let the professionals decide if you have a problem other that make that judgment yourself. 


·         If you are experiencing pain that doesn’t cease or disappear after a few days you should again seek medical help. If you suffer pain that increases despite pain killing medication then call or seek professional medical advice immediately.  


·         If you experience any difficulty breathing. You are at a greater risk of any breathing problems following a Caesarean. It is normal to feel sore at first and this may mean that you struggle to take any deep breaths. If this continues to be a problem or gets any worse then you should contact your doctor. 


·         If your sanitary pad is soaked every hour or two, if you have no bleeding or if your bleeding never begins to slow down then you need to be seen. Sometimes this can be due to a piece of the placenta being left inside your uterus.


If you are ever in any doubt about any c-section complications you might be experiencing, it is important that you immediately contact your healthcare professional or doctor.


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