Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

How To Care For Your C Section Incision, Top Tips Revealed


Your c section incision scar will be covered by a sterile dressing to help guard against infection and you will normally have been given antibiotics. During the first 24 – 48 hours the hospital staff will encourage you to shower and they will then remove your dressing. Gently pat dry the area with a clean towel. It is best If you can allow the wound to dry uncovered.


A good way to protect the wound on top of the dressing is to place a sanitary pad attached to your clothing over the area.  


Wearing boxer shorts will avoid any elastic touching the scar area and should be much more comfortable than your normal underwear for the first few weeks. 


As the wound begins to heal you may notice a little spot bleeding, whilst the wound shouldn’t break open, a little bit of spotting isn’t usually too much of a problem. 


It is common to feel a large ridge or lump under the scar which may also feel numb and tight. These are all normal responses and should all gradually go away in time. 


Be very vigilant over your c section incision scar because if it becomes infected, the healing process can take many weeks longer.

Call your doctor immediately if you notice any of the following: - 

  • Redness - the edges of a healing incision may be slightly red, this is normal, but call your doctor if the redness is increasing or if it spreads more than half an inch from around the wound. 
  • Heat or excessive warmth on or around the wound 
  • Any change or unusual appearance of the incision  
  • Any puss in the incision or if the incision is becomes mildly tender or painful. 

If your c section incision pulls apart and starts bleeding, apply an antibiotic cream, to keep any bacteria away from the wound. Applying slight pressure to the wound may help to stop the bleeding. If the wound keeps bleeding after you apply pressure, call your doctor.  


Do not apply any creams other than an antibiotic cream until your incision has completely healed.  


Keep your c section incision clean at all times. Wash it by using a slightly soapy wet cloth or sponge (use unperfumed soap), squeezing it over your stomach above the wound so that the soapy water runs down over the stitches. Don’t directly rub the incision because this could disrupt the scab that is forming.  


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