Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

C-Section Recovery - What You Need To Know...

A complete c-section recovery may take many months, and it usually takes about four to six weeks for a c-section surface incision to heal fully.


Whilst the visible scars may heal quickly the damage to the deep tissues will take much longer for total recovery, so don’t rush back to playing any kind of sports or activities which involve a lot of twisting, bending or impact.


Just because the visible part of the wound shows no signs of pain this doesn’t mean the deeper levels are completely healed. Some experts suggest that full healing of the area may take between 9 -18 months!


Use these tips to help you through the early stages of recovery: -


#1  Give yourself time to rest, get organized. Keep everything that you might need close to hand. Until your six-week checkup, don't lift anything heavier than your baby.


#2  When you stand and walk try to stand tall pulling your stomach muscles in and your shoulders back and upright.


#3  If you feel that you are about to sneeze, cough or laugh then hold and support your stomach near the incision to avoid sudden pain. 


#4  Use pillows or rolled up towels for extra support whilst breast-feeding.


#5  Too many visitors in the first few weeks will keep you from getting the rest you need to recover.


#6  Until you can manage the driving position or any of the movements that driving requires, don’t attempt to drive.


#7  Monitor your wound and general well being on a regular basis. Contact your doctor immediately if you see any signs of infection such as abdominal pains, redness, swelling or any form of discharge.


#8  Postpartum depression may be a factor. If you are constantly feeling low without any signs of improvement in moods or energy levels, it may be worth mentioning this to your doctor.


Although your c-section recovery will take longer than it would from a vaginal birth, the end result is still the same, you should take solace in the fact that in similar circumstances 100 years ago, neither you nor your baby would probably have survived.

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