Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

C Section Recovery, 7 Simple Steps To A Full And Complete Recovery


A c section recovery is something that many women may have go through in their lifetime, the current estimates are that nearly 1 in 4 women will give birth this way.


In order to make a full and rapid recovery you need to follow these essential points:-


#1  Caring for your wound


You should check your wound regularly for changes. If you notice anything such as an increase in the redness or swelling around the scar or any puss from the incision, speak to your doctor immediately. 


#2  Rest


It is important to rest during the early stages of your c section recovery.  Initially you may feel weak, tired and emotional. These are natural responses to what you have been through and over a few days they will settle down. 


#3  Exercise


Being inactive following any surgery will encourage blood pooling in the lower legs and in some extreme cases can lead to blood clotting. The key is to do little and often


#4  Diet


It is absolutely vital that you provide your body with valuable nutrients for cell renewal and repair. Aim to eat every 3- 4 hours and ensure you choose foods as fresh and unprocessed as possible. 


#5  Pelvic Floor


Although the pelvic floor hasn’t been damaged through delivery, the muscles have been under stress over the last nine months and will be weaker. Pelvic floor exercises will help and can be done anytime. 


#6  Stomach Muscles


During a typical c section the muscles aren’t actually cut, simply pulled apart in order to deliver the baby. They can be exercised in the same way as for a vaginal birth, by performing pelvic tilting exercises until the muscles have realigned.


#7  Peace of mind


Following a c section it is common to experience some post traumatic stress especially if it was an emergency operation. If this is the case and the feelings last for any amount of time you should seek professional support.


It is important to get your c section recovery right, as any problems ignored at the early stages could develop in to long term conditions.


‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’ is a comprehensive guide designed for women who have just had a c section which teaches essential exercises that are safe and effective for assisting a full and complete recovery. Click here to find out more.