Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

Exercise After C Section...3 Important Things You Should Know!


Many people would consider exercise after c section to be inappropriate for anyone having just recently been through the operation and coping with c section recovery.


In a sense this opinion is correct, however there are some exercises that are vital to assist convalescence and realign and tighten the stomach muscles at a time when the body is primed for weight loss and repair. 


The following are my recommendations for exercise after c section. These 3 key areas need to be concentrated on immediately following a c section in order to promote a rapid recovery and return the stomach muscles back to their pre pregnancy state. 


#1  Increased blood flow to the wound 


In order for the damaged tissues to repair themselves they need a steady supply of nutrients. Being as active as possible ensures that the heart is pumping oxygenated blood full of nutrients around the body.  


By specifically performing specific pelvic tilting exercises which also realign the abdominal muscles, blood flow will be targeted to the abdominal area. 


#2  Burning body fat 


In addition to the obvious aesthetic desire to lose weight after a c section, there are a number of more important reasons why weight loss is important at this stage. 


a) Increased body fat places a greater stress on the joints which are already unstable. 


b) Increased body fat makes your heart work harder. Every part of your body needs a blood supply, the more ‘body you have’ the harder your heart has to work.  


Straight after the birth your heart will be weaker because you will have been unable to perform any activity that challenges it for the last few months, so as soon as possible, try to start gently walking. 


#3  Pelvic floor exercises 


Although not having been stretched during a c section as during a vaginal birth, the pelvic floor has been under pressure due to the weight of the growing baby, this can weaken the muscles substantially. By regularly practising your pelvic floor exercises, the strength of the muscles will return to normal within a few weeks. 


‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’ is a comprehensive guide designed for women who have just had a c section which teaches essential exercise after c section that is safe and effective for assisting a full and complete recovery. Click here to find out more