Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

Exercise After C Section - Get It Wrong And Kiss Your Flat Stomach Goodbye!


Exercise after c section will be one of the furthest things from your mind if you have just given birth, but neglecting this essential part of c section recovery will slow down the healing process and virtually eliminate your potential to ever have a flat stomach again.


The temptation for many new moms wanting to quickly lose pregnancy weight is to start straight away and do as much as they can physically do, but this has a number of potentially serious drawbacks: -




Being tired all the time. If you have just had a c section, you are actually convalescing from major surgery, so you simply won’t be able to do what you could have done even just a few weeks ago. If you try to do too much, you will just end up feeling tired and emotional and unable to cope with even the simplest of challenges.




Tearing your scar. Essentially your skin is trying to knit itself together over the wound, two edges joined either by staples or stitches. If you attempt to do any sort of exercise after c section that means you need to stretch or twist in any way then you will be constantly pulling both sides apart. This will mean your scar takes much longer to heal and may lead to a greater build up of scar tissue, leaving you with a deep ridge instead of a flat line which is barely noticeable in a few weeks.




Doing the wrong things. For most new moms the biggest area of concern will be the stomach, and what do most people do when they want to flatten their stomach, that’s right you’ve guessed it – sit ups.


Now whilst you may have more sense than to attempt doing sit ups during the early stages of your c section recovery, there are a number of stomach tightening or pelvic tilting exercises that you can do and are in fact absolutely vital to do virtually straight after giving birth.


In fact it's no exaggeration to say that not doing these stomach tightening exercises regularly in the early stages could result in a rounded and bulbous tummy, with no shape or definition that’s yours, not just for the next few weeks, but for the rest of your life.


Any form of exercise after c section other than simply walking and specific, safe tummy tightening exercises should be avoided until at least your post pregnancy check up, but even then you will need to decide yourself if you feel up to it or not.

Being active and regularly doing your pelvic tilting and pelvic floor exercises will dramatically improve your c section recovery time and enable your to start becoming more active much quicker.

‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’ is a comprehensive guide designed for women who have just had a c section which teaches essential exercise after c section that is safe and effective for assisting a full and complete recovery. Click here to find out more - exercise after c section.