Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

How Exercises After C-Section Promote a Rapid C Section Recovery


For most moms other than those that have serious determination to get back in shape after having a caesarean birth, doing any type of exercises after c-section will be one of furthest things from their minds.

However there are many reasons why a gentle program of exercises after c-section will be beneficial to any new mom who’s given birth this way: -

#1  Increased activity means an increased blood flow all around the body.

But doing specific exercises to target the pelvis, abdomen and pelvic floor increases the amount of blood that is being circulated to these areas. With this extra blood supply comes more nutrients to assist in the repair and renewal of cells.

#2  Improved mood and spirit.

Whilst pregnancy and the birth can be an amazingly wonderful experience and the pay off of the pain and discomfort with a healthy new baby makes the whole thing bearable. But many new moms suffer from baby blues which can be even more prevalent in moms who’ve had a c-section birth.

When examining the landscape of your body after the birth, it can often be a massive shock which is often accompanied with feelings of lack of control and low self confidence. Starting a gentle but effective exercise plan straight away can help women to feel empowered and to feel that they are still important people in their own right.

Exercising at the best of times produces the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin and that makes us feel good, but it has an even greater effect on anyone that feels low or a bit down.

#3 Tightening and toning the tummy muscles.

During your pregnancy the muscles will separate under the influence of the hormone relaxin, through a process called diastasis recti, which in some cases can pull apart by as much as 50cm.

Whilst it is a natural process for these muscles to realign themselves over time, performing some gentle and specific pelvic tightening exercises can significantly reduce the time it takes to realign the muscles.

Also you'll have much tighter abs after c section surgery, than by just leaving it to chance.

#4 Reduce the chances of blood clots.

Potentially life threatening blood clots can form in the blood vessels after major surgery and if you stay static and immobile, you’re increasing the chances of this happening.

The exercises are easy to do and only take a few minutes a day.

So whilst your instincts may be to simply relax and put your feet up after your operation, the best thing to do is to become slightly active and begin a specific program of exercises after c-section as soon as possible. It really will speed up your c section recovery.

‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’ is a comprehensive guide designed for women who have just had a c-section which teaches essential exercises after c-section that are safe and effective for assisting a full and complete c section recovery