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How Big is a C Section Scar?


Before undergoing an elective c section or during pregnancy the question on many women’s minds will be ‘how big is a c section scar’. The answer to this question is not an easy one because babies are born at many different weights and sizes.


Also this can depend on the position your baby is in and whether the head is in the downward position or in the breach position.


The circumstances in which the c section is used will also have a bearing on the size of scar. If there was some urgency involved, due to serious complications then again, this may affect how big the c section scar needs to be.


During the operation a surgeon will need to make an incision through the abdomen wall. The usual position of this is a horizontal cut, just around the bikini line (pubic hair line).


This incision can sometimes be referred to as a standard transverse or ‘bikini cut’ incision and is usually about 4-6 inches in length.


If a larger incision is needed or the baby needs delivering very quickly then a vertical incision may be used. This is usually called a classical incision and is usually only performed if: -

  • The baby is premature 
  • The baby is lying crossways in the uterus 
  • The placenta is in the way or 
  • The uterus hasn’t stretched enough to allow a transverse incision. 

The classical incision is made vertically from just below the belly button (naval) to just above the pubic bone (4 - 6 inches) and this will also vary in length depending on the baby’s size.


How big is a c section scar and the way it heals and looks in the future will also be affected by the method used to knit the sides of the wound together. Some surgeons prefer to use staples whereas others still use suture. There is little statistical evidence to show that one way or another will increase or decrease the size of the appearance of the scar.


If this doesn’t answer the question on your mind about ‘how big is a c-section scar’ and you still have concerns about how it will look afterwards. Don’t worry, over the coming weeks and months, the scar will lighten in color and any swelling that you have will disappear leaving you with no more than a silvery white mark just over the top of your bikini line.


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