Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

Recovering From C Section Pain, How Long Should It Take?


Recovering from c section pain can take a long time for many moms but for others it can be a very quick, pain free and straight forward process.


Every woman will respond differently to their c section recovery and it is difficult to give an exact time and date when you will have fully recovered.


Generally speaking within a few days you should be feeling a lot better in yourself and not experiencing as much pain.


It usually takes about four to six weeks for a c-section incision to heal fully. You will almost certainly feel some levels of tiredness and discomfort throughout this time.


Give yourself time to rest and get organized. Keep things you might need close to hand. Until your six week checkup, don't lift anything heavier than your baby.


Most women feel a tightening or pulling of the scar area for some time afterwards when moving in certain ways. Over time this will pass.


You may suffer from ‘baby blues’ when your milk comes in, usually about day three. If these feelings don’t pass over the next few days then you should speak to either your midwife or doctor who may arrange some counseling or offer details of local support groups you can visit, that have other women with similar issues and concerns as you.


You should constantly monitor your wound and general well being for any problems. Contact your doctor immediately if you see signs of infection such as abdominal pains, redness, swelling or any form of discharge.


Postpartum depression may be a factor. If you constantly feel low without any signs of improvement in moods, it may be worth mentioning this to your doctor.


Don’t bottle up your emotions, it is often good to get your emotions out and share them with your loved ones. Most women wish that things had been different with the birth if it was an emergency section, but you should take solace in the fact that in similar circumstances 100 years ago, neither you nor your baby would probably have survived.

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