Exercise After C Section - Speed Up C Section Recovery

Sex After Cesarean, How Exercise Can Help To Improve Your Sex Drive


At some point sex after cesarean section will be a consideration. You will need to be creative and inventive when considering the positions used during sex, to prevent pain, or pressure on the wound area. And your partner needs to understand that he may need to stop if you don’t want to continue.


Your incision and surrounding areas may feel uncomfortable to be touched and can remain numb for up to a year after surgery. This is due to nerve stretching and resulting damage from the surgery.


Discussing this and any other issues with your partner is a good idea because he can be warned prior to sex about any issues you have as well as the possibility of you stopping due to pain or discomfort.


You both need to understand that it is very normal for you to feel tired. After having just experienced major abdominal surgery both physically and emotionally you will need sufficient time to heal and recover. Sex after cesarean will need to be resumed only when you feel fully up to it.


Bear in mind that when you are tired your sex drive will naturally be low and you should explain this to your partner. Not only have you been through major surgery physically but also mentally you have had to cope with a lot, these things all affect a woman’s desire for sex.


If you can, negotiate a gentle massage or simply cuddling may be all you can offer in the early stages of your recovery. Be patient, your desire for sex should return to normal given time.


If you have gone off sex due to depression then it should be mentioned to your doctor or midwife.  There are number of reasons why some women suffer depression after a cesarean such as:-


Postnatal depression – A hormonal imbalance.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – More so if the cesarean was an emergency operation.


Disappointment – If you hoped to give birth naturally you may be upset about your choices being taken away from you.


One of the quickest ways of improving your self confidence and interest in having sex after cesarean is by feeling better about yourself. ‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’ will help you to do this by safely teaching you the quickest ways of recovering from a cesarean, so you can start to feel confident and sexy again. Click here to find out more - exercise after a cesarean.